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Is October The Best Month To Start Laser Hair Removal?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Here are 4 reasons why we believe that could be the case!

Laser Hair Removal Timing.

Every once in a while, we get asked the following question: When is the best time to star my laser hair removal treatment? While there can be many factors that play a role on determining the right answer, one thing that is never wavered is the season, in this case the month of October, or FALL.

Below are 4 reasons why we believe October is a perfect month to start:


No Need To Worry About The Sun

Long sunbathing sessions and uncomfortable sunburns are no longer the norm. You must wait two weeks before receiving laser treatment if you have recently been exposed to the sun. Although we still advise using sunscreen, you no longer need to juggle your laser hair removal treatments with your tanning schedule now that winter is approaching.

Use Your Winter Clothes To Hide The Hair Growth In Between Treatments

The apparel, from sweaters to scarves to cute ankle shoes, is one of the finest things about fall. Due to the fact that hair grows in cycles, when between treatments, it occasionally comes back patchy. So cover your hair and snuggle up in your cute, less-revealing winter attire.

Fall is the ideal season for change

Seasonal transitions and other times of transition can be challenging. Take the lead from the transforming leaves and start a new stage in your life. It's a fantastic moment to switch to something new and abandon conventional hair removal techniques.

By bikini season, you won't have much hair left

Hair growth is reduced by roughly 10% after each laser hair removal procedure. You will already be observing positive effects when you wear your cute new swimsuit and short-shorts for the first time. By the time summer arrives, the majority of people notice a reduction in hair growth of roughly 50%.

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