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Hair Removal With Laser - Everything you need to know before starting

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Is there any way to get rid of unwanted hair? As many people know, it's a huge task to consider first whether you are looking to find clinics or looking to invest in at-home technology.

After analyzing the benefits of laser hair removal, you can only decide whether this procedure works well for the patient.

Laser technology helps remove unwanted hair, and is often useful for addressing other concerns such as ingrown or damaged hair.

laser hair removal work


Laser hair removal can be done by using or applying laser treatments to cut hair. During laser hair removal an optical laser emits light that absorbs pigment (melanin) from your scalp. Light energy is transformed into heat that damages tubes within the skin hair follicles forming strands of hair. This damage prevents the regrowth of hairs or retards them.

Laser hair removal does not necessarily result in permanent hair removal, but can be effective in reducing hair loss in a short period and reducing hair growth. Multiple lasers may be used for initial hair removal, and maintenance procedures may also be necessary.

What you can expect from laser hair removal? (we will be realistic with you)

Normally a laser hair removal procedure requires around 2-6 laser treatment. The interval from a given laser treatment is dependent upon the location. The procedure may be repeated within three to seven days on areas where hair growth is rapid, such as the upper lip.

The laser treatment can occur at least once each 12-18 weeks on areas that lack growth such as the back. In addition to all laser treatments, your eye is protected from laser light. A technician may trim the site if required. The doctor will sometimes use skin anesthetics to ease the symptoms during the procedure.

Laser technology & permanent hairs reduction

Why it's done? (and why most patients keep coming back for more)

Laser hair removal can help eliminate excess hair from the scalp. The most commonly used areas of therapy are the upper lip, leg and armpit, lip, chin, and bikini. It is also possible to remove hair from almost everything, apart from eyelids. Tattooed skin is not treated. Hair colours influence hair removal results.

It has been proposed that a hair pigment and not a skin pigment can absorb light. A laser will destroy a hair follicle without damaging it or the skin if possible. In other words, contrasting hair colour with light skin results in the best results rather than dark skin.

Patience pays off, specially long term!

It may take 2 weeks before you begin your laser treatment to start to feel some improvement in symptoms compared to 6-8 treatment periods if you do not see any improvement. Also, you need to have regular hair follicle appointments since they grow at different stages. If we stop, it'll be a good hair growth pattern.

The removal of more hair is rooted at its root. Using lasers, most patients might see hair appearing coarser or less visible after one laser treatment, but the course of treatment should provide optimal results for the patient’.

You have to use a hair trimmer/shave the area before you laser (same goes for makeup)

The laser may react directly with the skin surface causing irritation or a burnt odour which we have learned firsthand. Fortunately, we knew that a common beauty myth called shaving had a thicker, darker colour. Remember that you must prepare well in advance of each trip for optimal result. This is one important thing you must remember.

future hair growth

The process sounds painful but isn't too bad

The laser hair removal method uses light from a laser to penetrate hair pigments in the scalp. This light turns into heat and destroys the follicle. In my own opinion, this pain is a quick and sharp pain that is worse in the thin areas of the brow and nose.

Hopefully, the lasers were equipped with an air-cooled cooling mechanism that helped cool down the air from our point of view. We found it more painful when body temperatures increased because we ran around town for the appointment at the same moment.

You may need to change up your beauty regime and products

It is advisable to avoid using scrubs, glycolic acid, or tertian a day before or after the treatments. We used face mists and hydrated the skin after we discovered that skin became drier. After the treatment with the laser, it can be avoided for up to 2 weeks and you should wait for 2 or 3 days to get the desired effect.


The side effects are influenced in part by skin types, hair colour treatment plans, or follow-up treatments. Laser hair removal is often associated with the following side effects: rare blisters, crusts or scars, a change of skin texture, and a skin infection. Other rare side effects include graying on treated hair. The use of laser removal is not recommended on a face due to the potential damage to the eyelid.

Get ready to think seriously about the sun

You should avoid tanning bed, sunbathing and avoid sun exposure as much as possible before and after you laser hair removal treatment. You also have a tan that needs time to fade before you start treating. Your dermatologist can also talk about the next vacation to see if your vacation will be affected.

Laser hair removal has more than one benefit

It was surprising to discover that laser hair removal treatment are effective for the treatment of ingrown hair. Moreover, the treatment promotes straight growth, reduces ingrowth of hair, and reduces irritation of your skin – which may lead to more permanent hair growth.

Some common questions from our clients:

Do laser removes hair permanently?

Usually, the laser hair removal treatment can last several months or a year. Laser removal does not provide the removal of permanent hairs. When the hair follicles are regrown, the hair becomes finer and lighter. Occasionally, it is necessary to get permanent hair loss with laser treatments.

What are the negatives of laser hair removal?

How can I avoid bald patches and bald spots by using a laser? Mild swelling on follicle lashes. Occasionally pigments can change particularly for darker skin and they are usually temporary. It has a slightly reddish appearance.

Is getting laser hair removal worth it?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that getting rid of the hair with a laser is worth the cost. It's a non-insured procedure.

How long-lasting is laser hair removal?

Most patients require two to six laser hair removal treatments for removal. When patients finish their treatment they don't have any visible hairs on their skin for months or decades. When hair follicles regrow, it tends to become smaller. Hairs are likewise coarser and darker in colour.


At our clinic Skinsation Aesthetics, our experienced technician use state-of-the-art lasers and other advanced technologies to perform laser hair removal treatments that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. The treatment process involves targeting the hair follicles with laser light pulses, designed to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted body hair.

Whether you are looking to remove hair from your face such as upper lip, underarms, legs, or any other area of the body, laser hair removal can help you achieve smooth, silky skin without the need for shaving or waxing.

So if you're looking for a fast, effective, and convenient way to get rid of unwanted body hair, consider getting laser hair removal at Skinsation Aesthetics in London, Head over to our service page and select the desired service and follow through with the booking process. Our experienced technician will help you achieve long-lasting results with minimal discomfort or downtime, so you can feel confident and look your best every day!

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