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Hydrojelly Mask

What is A Hydrojelly Mask:


Our Hydrojelly masks are made from organic ingredients and contain electrolytes to help the skin retain moisture and enhance its general health. The Hydrojelly masks may cover the eyes and lips, maximizing the benefits for the entire face, whereas conventional facial masks neglect these areas.

The cooling effects of the mask and its floral scent become immediately apparent as soon as you put it on. A warm towel compress is used to remove any remaining jelly residue from the face once the mask has been removed, leaving your skin moisturised, plump, and radiant.

The jelly texture simultaneously offers additional complete hydration and immediate cooling and calming effects. Also, they produce a skin-sealing vacuum that is completely soft and silky. The most crucial task is this one! The entry of active substances and topical serums into the skin is increased by this vacuum-like seal.