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SKINSATION SUPER-GLOW FACIAL, London Ontario's most popular treatment at an unbeatable price!

Updated: May 7

Throughout the day, your facial skin is exposed to a variety of harsh elements. The smoothness and general texture of your skin may be negatively impacted by a variety of situations, such as prolonged sun and pollution exposure, scars, acne, stress, and grime buildup.

So how can you maintain scar- and blemish-free facial skin that highlights your beauty?Skinsation Super-Glow facial is the answer.

A Super-Glow facial is a cosmetic cleaning of the pores in your facial skin that purges it from the inside and removes all dirt and debris. In addition to promoting smooth, rich-textured skin, deep washing also gives the skin a brilliance that astounds others.

With an abundance of personal care therapies, Skinsation Aesthetics London is the leading skincare and facial treatment centre in London, Ontario. Our aesthetician is skilled in removing hair from the face, brows, and body, and to date, she has attracted a lot of happy customers.

All of our self-care procedures are performed in a serene environment so you may unwind and take pleasure in our expert and precise spa services.

Skinsation Super-Glow facial

A deep cleansing facial is not a beauty procedure. Being outside in today's environment exposes your skin to numerous unfavourable substances that can lead to discolouration, wrinkles, acne, and other sorts of scars. Due to the high levels of pollution, it is also challenging to remove dirt and debris from your skin pores using a straightforward face wash or cream.

There are numerous advantages to the Super-Glow facial for your face and skin. After the procedure, your face feels freshly hydrated and has a lovely glow, so you can already see the results.

The greatest facial with a deep cleansing treatment is available at Skinsation Aesthetics London, a highly regarded spa in London, Ontario. Every woman in every walk of life can benefit from our accessible treatments, which enable them to carry themselves with confidence and audacity wherever they go.

What are the steps included in the Skinsation Super-Glow facial:

  1. Using steam, the pores are opened.

  2. Double cleansing is performed to prepare for exfoliation & extraction.

  3. Deep exfoliation using top skincare products provided by GLYMEDPLUS Canada.

  4. Deep extraction provided carefully to remove all skin & face debris.

  5. A facial mask is applied.

  6. After facial mask removal, nutrient-rich serums, eye cream and moisturizers are applied to bring out the Super-Glow look.

  7. Facial comes to an end with a super relaxing massage followed by a red-light therapy.

What is the cost of a Skinsation Super-Glow facial:

Our regular price for the amazing service is $129, however we are currently promoting it for only $75 Taxes Included. Click on the picture below to book your session with us today.

Super-Glow facial


Offering this refreshing face rejuvenation procedure at an unbeatable price is something Skinsation Aesthetics London is proud to do!

At Skinsation Aesthetics London, our highly skilled and licensed aesthetician is extremely passionate about what she does.

Our main objective is to use our expert skincare solutions to assist our customers in improving the appearance and texture of their skin.

Get in touch with us today. We look forward to hear form you.

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