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Laser Hair Removal London Ontario

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

What laser hair removal treatments & laser hair removal services are available near me in London Ontario?

If you are in need of laser hair removal work and want to know services available in London Ontario, you have come to the right place. Keep reading (and get ready for some great discounts too).

Underarm Laser with optimal results

What is Laser hair removal?

A focused light beam (laser) is used in the medical treatment of laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair follicles.

The pigment (melanin) in the hair absorbs the laser beam that is emitted during laser hair removal. The light energy is transformed into heat, which harms the skin's hair-producing follicles, which are tube-shaped sacs. Future hair follicles development is inhibited or delayed by this injury.

Even while laser hair removal efficiently stops hair growth for extended periods of time, it typically doesn't remove hair permanently. For initial hair removal, several and multiple treatments of laser are required, and follow-up treatments may be necessary. Although it can be used successfully on anyone, laser hair removal is most effective on persons with lighter skin types and black hair.

Why do clients love laser treatments for hair removal?

Unwanted hair can be reduced via laser treatment for hair removal. Legs, armpits, the upper lip, the chin, and the bikini line are among the common areas treated. With the exception of the eyelid or vicinity, it is possible to eliminate undesirable hair in almost any place with minimal discomfort. Client also do report fewer ingrown hairs after each session. Tattooed skin also shouldn't be treated.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment is influenced by skin types and hair colour. The fundamental idea is that light should be absorbed by the pigment in hair but not by the pigment in skin. The skin shouldn't be harmed by the laser, which should only harm the hair follicles. The best results are obtained by and depending on how many treatments received as well as having black hair and pale skin, which contrasts with each other.

Forehead Laser

What can you expect after your laser hair removal session?

First 1-2 days:

The skin becomes sensitive and slightly inflamed after receiving laser hair removal treatment. Redness in the areas is possible. Therefore, it is best to refrain from any activity that could cause increased skin irritation. After your initial laser hair removal session, you should wait at least 24 hours before taking a hot shower, using a sauna, or exercising. Deodorant, body lotion, and scents ought to be avoided by costumers. Aloe vera gel can be used to calm the skin.

A week later:

Clients will have some hair shedding for a week following their laser hair removal procedure. This is entirely typical and shouldn't be confused with regrowth. Clients are not permitted to wax, pluck, or tweeze.

3-4 weeks in:

The first laser hair removal session leaves the treated region smooth for roughly four to six weeks. Clients should start to observe tiny, thin hairs growing again after this time period. It is best to refrain from waxing or tweezing these hairs. In fact, these will be the focus of the upcoming treatment, which ought to happen about now.

Arm Laser patch test for dark skin

Laser hair removal London Ontario

Skinsation Aesthetics in London Ontario offers a complete permanent hair removal experience like no other. Our laser technician Mary is a professional expert in permanent hair removal work, understands all the laser hair removal procedures, and takes pride in her work and dedication. Additionally, after countless costumers visit and many laser hair removal treatments preformed on both men and women, she is confident that she has the ability to help you get rid of your unwanted hair. Don't take out word for it, read our reviews on google.

Permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal services offered by Skinsation Aesthetics London Ontario

Some of the laser hair removal treatment provided by us include areas such as underarm, neck, arm, chin, bikini line, upper lip, forehead, leg and much more. For our entire list of permanent hair removal services, please visit our page at

How many sessions of laser hair removal treatment do i need?

Permanent hair removal typically requires four to six treatment sessions to achieve your desired laser hair removal results. The length of these sessions will depend on the size of the region you are aiming for.

It will take longer to finish larger treatment area like the back, thighs, and legs, but still not more than an hour. Even less time will be required for any smaller region. This implies that you don't need to block off a substantial amount of time in your calendar, and can easily resume your normal activities.

Laser hair removal works by focusing on the hair follicle while it is still forming. This implies that your treatment regimen must be modified to match the rate at which your hair is growing in order to stop that process.

Laser in London Ontario

What is the cost of laser hair removal in London Ontario?

The average cost of laser hair removal for large areas:

The cost of laser hair removal on larger body parts, such as the back or legs, will probably be higher than on smaller sections of the body. Typically, the cost of a treatment for a broad area like the back or legs might reach $500.

The average cost of laser hair removal for small areas:

Less expensive bodily parts will be those that are smaller. This can apply to regions of the face such as the chin, upper lip, and sideburns as well as the underarms and bikini line. Depending on whether you want a Brazilian (hair is removed from the labial to the perianal areas) or a standard v-shaped bikini (hair is removed from the groin areas, leaving a V or patch of hair on the mons pubis), the bikini can cost anywhere between $150 to $250 for each treatment.

Additionally, the cost of removing hair from the underarms in London Ontario can range from $150 to $225 per treatment, and the lower face and chin can cost on average about $110.

How much do I pay for my laser hair removal treatments at Skinsation Aesthetics London Ontario?

Skinsation Aesthetics prices are the most competitive for any laser hair removal treatments & laser hair removal procedures in London Ontario. We take pride in the service we provide, while keeping it affordable for our costumers. Below is a price chart describing our cost per service as well as our saving offers.

Savings list exclusive promos

But wait....... there is more

A easy way to help our London Ontario costumers achieve their hair removal while being able to save money is by having ongoing super discounts that they can take advantage of. As such, we have created a page dedicated to offering a range of discounts on an ongoing basis. Visit our laser hair removal discount page ⬇️ and take advantage of up to 50% OFF your first visit.

In closing......

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and hope it has helped your understand the laser hair removal London Ontario market a bit better. Hair removal is our expertise and we are looking forward to serve your in the near future.

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